Women’s Ageless Body Secrets

Posted: May 3, 2017

Women approaching their 40’s and 50’s seem to go through a depressed state of mind. Most women feel everything from happy to be away from the “drama” of youth, to fearing what the future holds. A lot of it has to do with how society views women and aging. Discovering women’s ageless body secrets can be the key to reclaiming  your youth, while preparing for the future.

We are living longer now, and medical technology is taking over how we age. The problem with medicine and medical doctors is that there is a lot put into researching how to fix health issues. But not enough time or money, effort or care is spent on  how to prevent deteriorating health.

Those of us “in the know’ understand that prevention is key. And, if you look around you, you will see the masses of people that are battling, aging, obesity, pain, and are unable to move properly.

From nutrition, to being able to move as you age, these two components are the key factors in aging.

Without proper nutrition, you will lack energy, get sick, and your body will stop functioning properly.

Without strength and mobility, you will deteriorate and be unable to care for yourself as you age.


Do not kid yourself. Walking will not keep you strong enough to lift, bend , push, pull or squat down as you age. My husband is a paramedic/firefighter that goes on calls regularly to “assist” people in their 50’s that have fallen and can’t get up.

The facts are clear. If you are not eating a nutrient dense diet and are not involved in a strength training program and are over 30…you are in a state of rapid decline. Your hormones and metabolic rate might already be compromised.

If you are not sure how to eat, or what type of exercises to do. I can help. With Women’s Ageless Body Secrets, I have coached women for years into lives of fit bodies, with a healthy relationship to food…without hours of cardio, and while eating REAL foods.

If you feel that your hormones are taking over, and your youth has “gotten away from you”


Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health and wellness, so that we can live long and strong!

Coach Dawn

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