Women’s Autoimmune Disorders

Posted: December 2, 2018

It took years for me to be diagnosed. Whether it be unexplainable weight gain or brain fog, hormonal imbalances or mood swings…if you think something isn’t right, only YOU know your body. Women’s autoimmune disorders are on the rise.

From the time we are young ladies and get our first period…our bodies do things that we cannot explain. Possibly that’s why it’s hard to determine what is normal…and what is not. Some of us sail through life without extreme symptoms, and others suffer.

Some of us suddenly experience changes that are so odd to us, that we KNOW something is wrong. I’m here to help you on the road, by sharing my story of how I went from what seemed to be “on top of my health”, to suffering as many women do.

Thankfully with a little help from a few valid sources, and a lot of research on my part…I am on the road to a more energized and healthy life. But what a journey it was!

Read my 15 year journey and see if you can relate to the struggles that I encountered along the way. Women’s autoimmune disorders are taking away time from many of us! Don’t let things like weight gain, mood swings, brain for and hair loss take your happiness away!

I was asked to do a guest blog post for Autoimmune Mom so that I could share my story. The one that is SO common to so many women. If you feel that your body is being taken over by age or hormones, then this article may help.



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Don’t let Women’s autoimmune disorders take charge of your life!

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