Women’s Metabolic Breakthrough Weight Loss Plan

Posted: April 22, 2017

I’m guessing that you stopped on this page because you have tried diets, and hours of exercise…and still feel stuck. I used to make every mistake that I still see women making daily. In 20+ years of coaching women, I can safely say that I am a fat loss expert. That is why I created my very successful product that is a Women’s Metabolic Breakthrough Weight Loss Plan.

My plan addresses WHY you gained weight, and what you can do to get rid of it for good. It not only gives you a sustainable blueprint of how to eat for fat loss, it gives you follow along workout videos of exercises you can do at home. No gym membership required to access your metabolic breakthrough!

If you think hormones are to blame, or genes or anything else…click below to see what’s REALLY going on with your body…and how easily you can shift your body to become a fat burner, instead of a fat storer!

Women have been dieting, binging, purging, starving, and walking around miserable for too long. We are tricked by the media to think that the foods in the stores are “healthy” and that if we eat them, we will be slim. Nothing could be further than the truth if you are buying packaged foods.



I used to live on diet foods, diet sodas, and exercised like a maniac….all I did was gain weight. That was even before I had my son! Thankfully, I discovered how to eat for energy, and exercise using fun but short workouts that produced results. I now at 57 years old can walk around comfortably in a bikini instead of a big coverup to hide my body like I did when I was much younger.


I started writing about my findings with my own body, and when I was coaching other women in the gym I own. If you want to get my newsletters with tips, workouts, recipes, and exercises, all geared toward a slim, strong and sexy body…add your email above to get access to your FREE REPORT.

If you are tired of exercising for hours, or eating bland and boring diet foods.. and want a women’s metabolic breakthrough plan that has helped thousands of women drop inches, raise their metabolic rate all while feeling and looking great….CLICK BELOW.


Sharing ways for us to achieve sexy and fit, strong and lean bodies…

Coach Dawn

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