Workouts for Women over 40

Posted: June 28, 2022

As women hit midlife, their bodies change. What we once did, does not work anymore. Suddenly, our bodies look like they belong to someone else. Someone that does not resemble the body we once had. And, we feel embarrassed to show ourselves in front of those we love. As a fitness professional, and gym owner, I have created workouts for women over 40, that work.

Now is the time to stop cutting out foods you love, entire food groups, and think of what your body needs. It needs to prevent muscle wasting as a priority.

When you focus on the right type of exercise and eating more healthy foods (instead of less food)…you’ll see changes.

I have coached only women for 25+ years. At 60+ I still wear a bikini, lift weights, hike, paddleboard, and feel super energized. All of this, despite my low-thyroid issue, that I refuse to let define me.

Sure, you may have put on a few extra inches here and there, but focus on building and keeping muscle. Don’t keep doing what doesn’t work, which is to cut extreme amounts of calories, while feeling miserable. Flab showed up on me when I was in my early 30s and wouldn’t budge. I did cardio until I was exhausted. And, my fat stores got bigger, not smaller.

What I am going to explain in my workouts for women over 40 is this:

Movement patterns based on your largest muscles are how you’ll burn the most calories from fat.

When you add these to my 21 Day Ageless Energizing Meal plan, in addition to the follow-along movement patterns you’ll find HERE…you’ll shift from a fat-storing machine to a fat-burning one.

See me here in my bikini at 62, and get back to your sexiest, leanest, and firmest you when you click here.

Muscle is the only tissue that is metabolically active, so you must prevent it from deteriorating and leaving you looking older like dieting does. Cardio alone will also waste muscle and not give you that firm body you’d love to have.

Want a sexy set of buns, a firm core, and a strong body? GO HERE and turn back the clock so you can start burning the fat off today.

Why go through Summer covered up?
Here for you my lady friends, so that we can age in bodies we love for life!

Coach Dawn

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