The WOW Book – Todd Durkin

Posted: October 16, 2016

WOW! If you do not know who Todd Durkin is, then you should. The WOW Book – Todd Durkin ‘s latest motivational book is what everyone needs on their nightstand!

With the state of the nation, and the inner turmoil that nearly every one of us feels, we need a person that makes us reach in deep and find our passion. When we do that, then we need steps to put that passion, into action.

Passion. Purpose, Impact. Those are the WOW Words that Todd Durkin preaches, lives by and inspires people to live by as well.

I wake up every morning to my “Daily Dose of Durkin“. It inspires me on the worst days, and makes me feel even more powerful on my best days.

If you need a little WOW in your life. I urge you to check out his latest creation, The WOW Book. If you are looking to change your stuck, boring, hamster wheel of a life, and make it something that you feel fulfilled by living every day?

Then sign up for the Daily Dose of Durkin.

Don’t worry about thanking me. The world will thank you on it’s own.

Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health, wellness and happiness….one persona at a time,

Coach Dawn

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