Yoga Tune Up Balls for Recovery

Posted: November 24, 2013

Hello Tight and Sore!

The first time I rolled my tight traps, and upper back on my Yoga Tune Up Balls, I thought I had found the perfect tool! I have a neck and collar bone injury from 25 years ago that haunts me every day, and makes recovery from workouts take forever.  I found a video on You Tube, with Jill Miller and she was using her Yoga Tune Up Balls to roll out tight tissue like mine.  It was amazing to literally see the difference in how much softer, and elongated her neck look right after she rolled her muscles into smoothness.

You see, everything we do in life is in front of our bodies. We NEVER have any movement that our arms are behind us! Think about it….we have shortened pectoral muscles, heads that lean to far forward, and back and neck muscles that are stretched from sitting at desks, and reaching or leaning forward. Even sitting at this computer puts our arms forward, our chest closed in, and our backs stretched. Not any more! Roll, sit, lean and knead out all of that soreness with the coolest invention (that I wish I thought of) in minutes daily!

Not only am I a weight lifter and bootcamp instructor, I also have been a hairstylist for 25 years! Needless to say, I have tight muscles. So, if you sit at a desk, lift, workout, or just have plain old tight tissue on your body (everyone does)…then I urge you to grab a pair! (ha ha…I love saying that).

Check out this link to see how Yoga Tune Up Balls can change your tight and sore muscles into soft and ready for the next workout recovered ones!


These make a great inexpensive gift, or stocking stuffer for the entire family! I have clients borrow mine all the time….by the next day, they want a set of their own.

Happy Holidays!

In strength and health,


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