Your Body, Your Health Bank

Posted: April 16, 2011

Do you ever consider your body to be a bank? I do. I treat my body as an investment that has to be nurtured now, to make the years to come later vital, and strong! People are worried sick (ha ha) about health care in old age. They wonder how they will be able to pay for Dr. bills and prescriptions, while they puff away on cigarettes and eat meals loaded with saturated fats. They ignore warnings that obesity raises your chances greatly for disease. Diabetes, cancer, metabolic syndrome, even depression. You only have one body, and your life is not a dress rehearsal.

Today I want you to make one change. Make an investment in your health. Do it for yourself first, then do it for those who love you. We make financial investments, and take classes…we encourage our children to educate themselves, yet we do not do it for our health. It is the most important decision you can make. It can be something as simple as taking a walk.  You can clean out your fridge of unhealthy temptations, or sign up at a gym or enroll in a Boot camp. Buy a new bike, or order P90X, if the idea of joining a gym isn’t for you. I have personally known several people that have followed the P90X plan, and have had great success. .P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program – 13 DVDs, Nutrition Guide, Exercise Planner, is a great tool for those that do not want to join a gym, or those crunched for time. Whatever you choose, pick one thing towards your new investment….the future of your health!

It is very empowering to take charge of your health. Stop blaming others, or society, or TV ads for the choices you are making. You have the power to change your life. Take small do-able steps. Each day pick one healthy change. Then set a bigger goal. Maybe by the end of the week, you can say you took 5 walks, or didn’t drink an energy drink. Soon you will start to feel the energizing rewards of  better health. What used to be a night of beating yourself up for a “bad” eating day, can now be an upward spiral of looking forward to tomorrows goals being met, and feeling great about yourself!

Invest in your health as if your body is a life bank. It truly is. Choose wisely. Turn old bad habits into a new lease on life. Keep track of your successes and write down goals. Reward yourself when you accomplish them. Treat yourself to a massage after a week of great workouts, or shop for new spring clothes. As stated in my Personal training manual, Learn from yesterday, live for today, and plan for tomorrow! You can do it!!!

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