Collagen for Optimal Health

Posted: July 19, 2019

Collagen could be thought of as the “glue” of our entire structures. From hair to skin and nails, tendons, bones, joint health and more…Collagen for optimal health is necessary.

When we age, we lose the ability to produce the necessary components that keep us looking and feeling younger.

As we get older, our bodies are not capable of “keeping up” and restoring what we need to function to the best of our ability. It’s not your fault that you look older than your years!

Collagen for optimal health has to come from an outside source to feed your system with its benefits.

You may not know this, but there are 5 types of beneficial collagen. We need all of them!

There is type I needed for skin, bones, hair, and digestion.


Type II for cartilage and joints. Type III for skin elasticity, and heart health, and types V and X for another type that supports hair, skin and bone health.

All of these are fading away as you age, but as I’m sure you can imagine…you’ll feel, move and look better when you have enough!

This is where a supplement is necessary. I rely on BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen.

When you choose supplements, you must know the source where they come from. All supplements are surely not created equal. This is why I rely on a trusted company that has the science and background that matters!

If you want to slow down the aging process, then you must take proper care to supplement with what your body cannot produce.

Move, look and feel better than ever with a company that is backed by science and has been around long enough to prove their worth!

Coach Dawn

P.s If you are looking to amp up your digestion and ward off bad belly bugs, I also am a huge fan of probiotics for stellar health. Again, I Choose BioTrust!

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