Preventing Muscle Loss in Women

Posted: May 4, 2019

Sarcopenia is the word for “age-related” muscle loss. Preventing muscle loss in women is imperative for several reasons.

Most women are lacking in the proper protein source to prevent muscle wasting as they age. Whey protein powder is essential in preserving your muscles as you age. BioTrust Whey Protein Powder is of the highest quality of every nutrient you need to stay lean, prevent muscle wasting and look younger.

With all the talk on low carb and high-fat diets these days…It worries me that people will forget what they need to stay strong as they age. It’s protein.

As we age, due to sedentary lives, we stop building muscle. UNLESS you are doing a regular strength training program. 

Not only do we stop building it…our bodies start wasting it after 30. By about 3-5 % until we are 50. Then at about 10% until we are in our 70s and then it goes even faster.  Muscles help us to stand up straight. They keep us balanced. They help us to be able to lift something from the ground up, or even from a counter to a shelf. Without muscle, we get frail and imbalanced. Look older and less confident.

Preventing muscle loss in women is imperative!

Without enough protein…the only food that fuels, builds and repairs muscle…we get weaker, flabbier and look older. All protein is not created equal. Perfect protein contains all of the amino acids necessary to prevent muscles from wasting.

Women are more prone to this as we are already carrying less muscle than the average guy and usually weaker. We must make it a priority to maintain our muscles as we age. That’s why I lift weights and only use a quality protein powder that is free of chemicals, non-GMO and low carb…CLICK HERE FOR BIO TRUST WHEY PROTEIN that prevents aging muscles.

Of course, the best scenario is to get enough protein AND strength train, but without the right kind of protein, we may not recover from exercise fast enough.

Coach Dawn sharing ways for us to live long and strong.

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