Best Anti-Aging Program for Women

Posted: February 5, 2024

As a health and wellness coach and a woman over 50, you can imagine I have been through all phases of diet and exercise. Remember the grapefruit or baby food diets? And, what about Crossfitting til you can’t move for days? Some things simply age you faster. If you are looking for the best anti-aging … Continued

Fastest Way to Look Younger

Posted: August 25, 2020

Women don’t have it as easy as men do when it comes to aging. There’s the weight gain after 40. Then there’s the struggle with hormones and moods. But the one thing that most women miss the boat on, and the fastest way to look younger is this. Adding muscle. Muscle is what keeps you … Continued

Where to Find Best Health Info for Females over 40

Posted: August 17, 2020

As women, we encounter a lot of health issues as we age. From hormones to battling with weight. Wondering what diet and type of exercise…and it seems to never end. That’s why I want to help you know where to find the best info for females over 40. By entering your email above and getting … Continued

Health Information for Women over 40

Posted: June 11, 2020

All health information is not the same. If you are in your 20’s and male, you would not follow the same wellness plan as a woman that is 50. This is why I provide health information for women over 40. Because I AM a woman over 40. And, I have been in the wellness, fitness, … Continued

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