Lost Weight Gained Weight?

Posted: January 15, 2017

Why can’t you keep the weight off? It isn’t that most people can’t lose weight…it’s that they can’t KEEP it off. If you are a women over 35, then chances are you lost weight, gained weight and have done this more than once. There are a few factors that I have spent years studying, and … Continued

Lose Menopause Belly Fat

Posted: November 20, 2016

Why after 35, does the weight just seems to pile on around our bellys? Is it hormones? Is it genetics? Nope, its actually from a few things that most women, just don’t think or know about. If you want to lose menopause belly fat, then stop starving, stop doing cardio,and keep reading. After 35, our … Continued

Women’s Firming Follow along Workout Videos

Posted: October 20, 2016

Follow along workout videos are a great way to get and stay in shape. However, some videos are not geared towards a woman’s body. I have been coaching ONLY women for over 20+ years. That’s why in my new product 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret, the Women’s Firming Follow along Workout Videos are geared towards … Continued

Firming Anti-Aging Exercises

Posted: September 5, 2016

Exercise is supposed to make us look and feel younger right?! Then why is it that most people don’t even know which exercises age you faster? Unfortunately ¬†women are the ones that complain the most about aging, and age related weight gain, but are still following outdated methods, instead of doing firming anti-aging exercises. There … Continued

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